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  1. APIs and JSON | Week 4 Day 1


    Mondays are interesting days at App Academy. Monday is test day — we begin each week with an assessment on the material from the preceding unit. Yesterday’s was on SQL and ActiveRecord associations. Assessments here at App Academy are somewhat ominous, because if you fail to earn a passing score…

  2. w3d5 review


    Friday’s lecture was an introduction to Ruby’s most celebrated (and equally frustrating) ability - Metaprogramming. The ability to inspect modify a program’s behavior at runtime is a powerful feature that Ruby shares with languages such as Lisp, another programming language that has a reputation…

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  3. ActiveRecord | Week 3 Day 4


    Concepts of the Day

    • ActiveRecord associations
    • Joins
    • Querying in ActiveRecord

    ActiveRecord associations are finally beginning to click. So is SQL. I’m not fluent yet, but the concepts are finally starting to jell.

    My coding partner Bryan and I powered through the project for today, a…

  4. Week 3 Day 2


    Making SQL and Ruby Play Nice, The Hard Way

    Having practiced our fair share of inner joins, outer joins, self joins, subqueries, and virtually every other kind of SQL query you can think of yesterday. It was finally time to start experimenting with integrating SQL with Ruby today.

    We started by…

  5. W2D4


    Today was the first solo day at App Academy. It was quite the change of pace. After about 2 weeks of pair coding, it feels alien to code alone. The project today was much simpler than before: Checkers. Compared to Chess, this is a walk in the park. The speed at which I pump out ruby code has drastically increased compared to two weeks ago. I am still amazed out how fast the difficulty is increasing and how fast I am able to rise to the challenge. 

  6. "Check" - Week 2, Day 2


    Today, we started our first two day project. Chess is an interesting project to take on because it contains so much logic that we have to account for. It really stressed our ability to break up the game into proper classes and methods. My partner and I have pretty high standards for our code, so…

  7. Week 1 Day 4


    Recursion: The stack level in my brain is too deep

    I thought I had recursion down. I really did. I’ve even solved a few of the coding exercises earlier in the week recursively, which was making me feel ever more bold. Then today happened. Ow. My. Brain.

    I thought I had the basic technique down:…

  8. App Acad: W1D3 So classy!


    The morning lecture was shorter but interesting. We reviewed scope and instance variables as well as the importance of decoupled classes, topics I am now better-acquainted with and was happy to review. We also reviewed default values for arrays and hashes, which are really useful to avoid the nil…

  9. "Heating Up" - App Academy W1D2


    Today was the 2nd day of App Academy. I can’t believe I’ve only been here for 2 days now. It’s felt like an entire week already. The days go by really fast, and at the same time it’s hard to believe that we’ll be doing this for the next 90 days or so in a row.

    Living here at the office has been a…

  10. W1D1


    Today was the start of app academy. At 9 am we embarked upon a 12 week journey that’ll take us through a selection of Web Development topics.

    The lecture today was mostly focused on the logistics of attending the program, expected behavior and the such. After the lecture, we broke into programming pairs to tackle exercises on basic data structures (array, hash etc)

    While we were given a bit of info about how pair programming should occur, I feel that my partner and I were pretty unsure as to how the arrangement should work out. I found it a bit difficult to make sure that my partner and I were always on the same page. However, I think it was great that to have someone else to point out silly mistakes that often unnecessarily prolong the programming experience.

    I ended up staying pretty late into the evening working on the exercises. This program seems like it’ll be a large amount of work, but I think the work will pay off in the long run. Everyone seems to be bright and motivated, and I look forward to seeing how we all grow together.