1. SocketIO


    Today we build a chat application via the socketIO Node module. A socket is essentially and open TCP connection through which data may be sent. It allows for a continuous stream of data. Hence anything that is real-time like real-time analytics, binary streaming, chatting, and things of that…

  2. Week 7, Day 5



    A little more styling and a lot of sugary functionality, and my little Trello clone is starting to resemble something you could really plan out a project on.

    On Friday I had all the views established - one for each card, one for each form, one for each list, one to contain them all. Making…

  3. Clonerello


    We’re in the middle of writing a Trello clone using backbone.js and I created an impressive bug. When I went to test my shiny new delete button, it deleted everything that had a delete button, even things that weren’t on the current page.

    I think what happened was that the first handleDelete…

  4. Bootstrap


    …it’s like finding where all the cool kids buy their clothes.

    Today we worked on using bootstrap to style a webpage. We started with a basic skeleton of a web application and built out a webpage for a startup. Of all the documentation we have read throughout the program, Bootstrap likely offers…

  5. Tuesday, September 16


    On day 2 of Backbone, we set out to build the frontend to a news reader app. This was another good chance to practice the framework, which remains partly elusive to me.

    Throughout the project, we wrote and made use of common Backbone helper idioms such as a pattern for ‘swapping’ views into and…

  6. App Academy w6d5


    We plunged into an exciting world of AJAX today… or should I say “AJAJ?” That’s right, the Asynchronous JavaScript And XML doesn’t seem to make sense when we use JSON, but I suppose we can let the name go for now.

    AJAX allows us to make different requests to the server from the browser without…

  7. Slide to the Left


    Today we learned to build jQuery plugins. In only two days of knowing jQuery, we are already starting to build our own plugins. We started by creaing a page that had a list of links that when clicked would render information on the page. We acompolished this by adding a click handler to links. We…

  8. W6D3: This Again? How Hanoi-ing.


    Today we learned about jQuery and the DOM API. The DOM (Document Object Model) acts as an interface between JavaScript and elements on the webpage. This is the whole reason we’ve been learning JavaScript—the DOM allows JS scripts to directly modify the content of the page, an ability not shared by…

  9. w6d2


    Our imitation Google page

    (This isn’t the real Google page, but an imitation.)

    Today, we worked with HTML and CSS! We worked on making imitations of some webpages - starting from static screenshots, then some with hover action, and then even more complicated ones. I want to show the dropdown menus, but I can’t show you the animated gif yet. In the meantime, here’s the Google page we built! (Though we downloaded the big Google logo.)

  10. W6D1


    Week six, and we’re deep into JS. During Ruby we built some cool games, I especially liked minesweeper, but they were all limited to the terminal, and bound to cumbersome user input to perform moves. Yesterday we built an Asteroids game, and it was completely different. The game was played in the…