1. W5D1: A Wild Capybara Appears!


    Today we came back to RSpec, the test-driven development framework we used way back in the Ruby curriculum. We had to make a few adjustments in order to use RSpec with Rails. Finally, we introduced a new piece of the TDD puzzle: BDD, or behavior-driven development.

    Where TDD allows us to test the…

  2. W4d5-7


    As we dive a little deeper into Rails, I can understand more about why we started with SQL and ActiveRecord. A lot of power comes from associations. Rails doesn’t feel magical at the moment because I actually understand how ActiveRecord works.

    I spent a lot of the weekend repeatedly building a…

  3. App Academy W4D4 - Views


    We did our solo project making a music app. It was mostly practicing everything we’ve learned this week. There were a lot of forms using all the different types of input: strings, passwords, selected, radio buttons, textarea. There were a lot more pages to keep track of while making this web app…

  4. Cookies, Sessions, Bcrypt and Password Verifications?!


    I’ll start with the basics.


    Because HTTP is stateless, every browser request to the server is entirely independent of previous requests. Cookies make it so that user information can be stored and remembered.

    Cookies exist on the client browser and on the server’s database. This little…

  5. App Academy W4D2 - HTML and views


    We finally are making web pages we can view in our browser. It’s very exciting being able to see what we make.

    When we call render, rails renders a template into html. Templates have html and ruby code in them. We execute the ruby code by putting it inside <% %>. It becomes <%= %> when we want…

  6. W4D1


    Assessment three was intimidating when I first looked at the practice work, but after struggling through and learning a lot during week three, it turned out to be not so bad. Last Monday I was terrible at SQL, during the test, I cruised through it. Similarly, ActiveRecord took me a day or so to…

  7. Getting Meta


    The workflow at App Academy ensures that you are always a bit overwhelmed by both the volume and the depth of the content they expect you to learn. Each time I seem to have a handle on a subject we begin working on something more complex which challenges me to think about the subject in a new…

  8. 8/20/14


    Everything we have learned so far built up to today. We started Rails! Nothing in the class has been this exciting.

    Writing code this way felt right instantly. I loved the pre-determined file structure each project apparently comes with. Totally synonymous with making art.

    SQL and Ruby met…



    Today was an amazing success story in collaboration and caffeine. After yesterday’s “detour” to sql we return to our usual stomping ground, and started integrating what we had learned of queries and databases into ruby. Yesterday we pretty much just worked through a long and kinda trying tutorial…

  10. Learning SQL - Ch8 Study Guide Questions


    Ch 8


    How do you GROUP BY a specific column?

    GROUP BY <column>

    Why can’t you use a WHERE clause to filter a group returned by GROUP BY? Because the GROUP BY clause runs after the WHERE clause has been evaluated. If you attempted to filter your groups using a WHERE clause (performed…