App Academy’s 10x Club: How Much Money Should Students Expect to Make?

A lot more cash, it turns out

10x Club app academy bootcamp salary 2018

After new software developers get the initial rush of cool work, a big salary, and a lower debt profile, most start to look at their next career phase. They realize more experienced colleagues get big promotions and high salaries and start to ask what they need to do to get them too. A viable solution is to attend a career accelerator program like App Academy’s 10x Club.

10x Club helps programmers look for a new job so they can boost their salaries. During the six-week course, students learn skills such as the latest in advanced algorithms, modern cryptography, and new interview techniques.

According to career experts, a programmer with six or more years of experience can diversify her experience and get pay raises by working at various companies. A recent Forbes article noted that sticking with one company only nets programmers a 2-to-5 percent annual raise but moving between companies nets between a 10 and 50 percent increase. That shows how much money is available in tech and how important it is for workers to have proper career coaching. Today, most developers move between jobs every two to three years.

Accelerator courses like 10x Club tend to hire instructors from top companies to help students navigate their cash options. In fact, one of the main instructors for 10x Club is a top security engineer at Google, a company at the forefront of both software engineering and innovative pay. Over the last two years, that instructor has helped students identify what they should expect as a really good modern salary and stock compensation package actually looks like.  

But how much more can you actually make by attending App Academy’s 10x Club? According to the latest figures, the average 10x Club graduate makes $135K, with some making as much as $170k. These salaries are higher than that of the average level 2 software engineer in San Francisco, based on numbers from the career website Glassdoor. At the very least, students should expect to make a salary jump of $10,000.

The jump to at least $120k a year is a big part of App Academy’s 10x Club value proposition. The school offers a payment plan that guarantees the pay-level rise so that if students aren’t placed at a job paying at least $120K, the accelerator refunds students the course’s complete tuition.

It also has hands-on career support after graduation that helps students get those high salaries. 10x Club grads can take meetings with career advisors until they secure an acceptable level of pay up to a year. A few months ago, through the insistence of his career advisor, a 10x Club student negotiated for an additional $15k on top of his original offer.

A recent graduate of 10x Club, who was a backend engineer at a Bay Area e-commerce company, told us the accelerator helped him not only become a better engineer but also gave him support to speak confidently in interviews.

“Within a few days of graduating from 10x Club, I landed an offer that’s 40% higher than my current job,” he told us.

Another 10x Club feature students can expect are connections to the 2,000-plus App Academy full-time course graduates that can lead to students benefiting financially. A recent example of this involved a 10x Club student who completed a Google on-site interview advising another student on the Google phone-screen. Part of that conversation involved sharing salary expectations, with the latter knowing which number to mention to avoid a low-ball offer. Advice like this gives students an extra edge in the job hunt.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a rise in over 300,000 software engineer jobs over the next eight years, the value of senior software engineers will only increase. 10x Club and other accelerators like it help students find opportunities they may not be able to find elsewhere.

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