Which Course is Best For You? A Comparison of Our 16-Week and 24-Week Immersive Programs

The tech industry is projected to grow faster than any other over the next decade. That means the opportunities and jobs within it are only going to grow, too.

Honestly, there’s never been a better time to consider a career in tech, and with the world moving as quickly as it is, a bootcamp can offer you the same educational experience you’d get in a traditional collegiate classroom at a fraction of the cost (and time).

Not just any bootcamp, either: App Academy is the most respected bootcamp in the space because of our selectivity. We admit less than 5% of our applicants because we vet for those who are serious about joining, so our core student body is made up of really talented folks.

We believe our students aren’t just seeking an education; they’re looking to change their lives, and we’re committed to helping them do just that.

We get a lot of questions about the differences between our 16-week and 24-week programs, so we’ve created deep dives for each program to help you learn more about them:

16-Week Immersive Bootcamp Deep Dive

24-Week Immersive Bootcamp Deep Dive

If you want a quick summary about the differences and similarities between these two programs, you’ll find this chart helpful:



The two courses are similar in that they have the same intended outcome: Get our students hired as full-stack developers. Regardless of which program you take, if you’re not hired at the end of it, we haven’t succeeded.

So although the goal for each program is the same, there are a few key differences to consider.

You may prefer the 16 week program if you:

  • Want to complete your learning faster and dive right into the job search (16 weeks to complete)
  • Want a more intimate classroom experience (50 students per cohort) with a higher student:teacher ratio (8:1)
  • Want to learn a more friendly language for beginners (Ruby)
  • Want to land a job in San Francisco or New York City (companies like Airbnb, Github, Zendesk, Bloomberg, and Kickstarter are all built on Ruby on Rails)
  • Want flexibility for what hours in the day your class runs (available 9am-6pm EST or 9am-6pm PST). This would be a great option if you live on the west coast and want to start early and finish early by choosing the EST schedule
  • Want to pay less in total tuition (17k upfront, or 28k deferred due only when you’re hired)
  • If you live in New York (the 24 week program is currently not available to New York residents)

You may prefer the 24 week program if you:

  • Want to learn at a slower pace with the curriculum spread out over 24 weeks
  • Want to learn Python (in place of Ruby)
  • Prefer an ISA tuition model with a $0 deposit: The cost of the 24 week program is slightly higher than the 16 week program due to the length and total hours of the program
  • Prefer a mastery-based learning model. This means that if you don’t fully grasp the topics taught in a given week, you’re allowed to re-do that week at no extra cost


For beginning coders, either program is great to help you build the foundational skills required to get hired as  a software engineer. Consider the pace at which you’d like to complete the course (and some of the other factors noted above) to decide whether our 16-week or 24-week program is the best fit for you. 

For even further information, join one of our info sessions, free of charge.

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Written by Courtney Grace

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