App Academy’s Response to COVID-19: Updated 2022

Updated: January 20, 2022

To the App Academy Community,

Like you, App Academy has been affected by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The pandemic continues to impact our lives and our community. In March 2020, we made the decision to move all classes held on campuses to an online learning model, and we’ve been teaching and learning under that experience ever since. 

We continue to prioritize the health of our students above all else, but we also understand how poignant it is to the App Academy experience to be on campus with other members of your cohort in an immersive learning environment.

After thoughtful consideration, we plan to reopen our New York and San Francisco campuses with recommended COVID-safe guidelines on February 15, with the first cohorts of 2022 launching the resumed in-person experience. All students will begin their cohort with two weeks of remote learning then return to campus for the duration of the program.

We are still (and will always be) choosing to make student and staff health and safety our top priority. Masks and vaccines will be required for every student who chooses to return to on-campus learning. It’s our mission to ensure the App Academy community will continue to thrive during these times, and we’re committed to ensuring the experience is favorable for every student.

Learn more about our Campus-based Software Engineering Programs in New York and San Francisco here.

Written by App Academy