App Academy’s Updated COVID Guidelines and Campus Re-Openings

The coronavirus pandemic shuttered businesses and schools around the globe. Ours was no exception.

Prior to the pandemic, we’d invite our 16-week bootcamp cohorts onto our campuses in San Francisco and New York. Our 24-week bootcamp cohorts always study online, as our students come from all over the world.

Transitioning our 16-week cohorts online while folks stayed home was a fairly seamless process, as we already had the infrastructure necessary to teach virtually. We’ve learned a lot during this time, but we’ve remained committed to the highest standards of quality instruction for all students.

We are not yet resuming our in-person, 16-week bootcamp classes as normal but, now that businesses are reopening, people are getting vaccinated, and things are returning to normal (slowly, but surely), we’re updating our own guidelines and opening our campuses to students who would like a quiet place to study their material. Safety is our highest priority, and we’re following the advice from local, state, and federal health departments at our New York and San Francisco campuses in an effort to reopen them.

Read on to learn what’s changing and how you can participate should you choose to come on campus.

Updated COVID Guidelines for App Academy Students

Students will not be required to return to campus for learning over the next few cohorts. 

While we finalize moving back to full-time, in-person classes for our 16-week bootcamp, students in the next few summer and fall cohorts will not be required to come on campus at any time, should they choose not to:

July 6th: SF

August 9th: NY

August 30th: SF

No instruction will take place on campus, but students are welcome to reserve a desk and study here. We’ll be re-evaluating bringing students back on campus, full-time, for future cohorts over the next couple of months.

Students in our SF and NY cohorts will have the option to continue learning remotely or book a desk to study on-campus.

If you are a student residing in the San Francisco or New York metro areas and you’d normally be on campus for our 16-week program, you have the option to continue learning remotely. You will not need to report to campus as part of the course. Instructions on booking your desk can be found at the end of this article.

We’re introducing a hot desk-style reservation system for those interested in having a quiet place to work on their course material. Vaccinated students (or those receiving a medical or religious exemption) will have the option to book a desk for one or more days. Desks will be socially distanced and cleaned between uses.

Some staff — including some of our instructional team — will be on campus to proctor assessments and ensure safety protocols are being followed. All staff members present on campus will be vaccinated.

It’s important to note that this hot-desk reservation system is not similar to a WeWork-style co-working space with fancy on-site services. Desks available for students who need a reliable place to learn and study outside their home. Outside food is not permitted at this time, but outside beverages may be brought in. They will not be provided by App Academy.

For the initial phase of reopening, we will allow a maximum of 30 students at a time on each campus.

All instruction will continue to take place online, and students will still pair program with other students online.

The current virtual learning experience will not change. Students will continue their instruction online and will pair program with others in their cohort virtually, as well. We’re introducing this desk reservation system for those who would like to study outside of the home, coffee shop, or other venue.

We’re committed to ensuring that all students have the same high quality instructional experience. For that reason, our instructors will still conduct all teaching and student-assistance online. They won’t provide in-person assistance or instruction to students learning on campus so as to not give any students an unfair advantage.

Conclusion: Desks will be available for booking starting this Summer

Students can begin booking desks for July 6th in San Francisco and August 9th in New York. We will be using a platform called Eden for students to reserve their desks, and current students can look for an email from our team prior to kicking off this program.

If you have any questions, please schedule a call with our admissions team or find us on social media; @appacademyio on all platforms.

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Written by Courtney Grace

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