Best Free Coding Bootcamps for Aspiring Software Engineers (2023)

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Coding is one of the most important skills to learn right now. It’s more lucrative than ever and more relevant than at any point in history.

Coding is applicable to many roles in a ton of industries, including (obviously) tech. Software engineering is in particularly high demand. Coding is arguably the most important skill a budding software engineer — or anyone in tech, aspiring or current — can learn. It is also applicable to other roles that work with data or software in some ways.

With that being said, more people need to realize that software engineering can be a good job track for them. While there is a coding learning curve, it’s possible to learn it in a number of ways. Free code bootcamps have skyrocketed in popularity for these aspiring software engineers or anyone looking to add coding to their resume.

With the economy looking uncertain for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to build your skillset by learning how to code so, when the recession has ended, you can switch careers to a role that is not only more lucrative, but more secure. Demand is already so high and the talent pool so small, companies are rarely willing to let go of their programming talent.

Free code bootcamp App Academy Open has cracked the code on what makes a zero-cost coding course so great — and how you can succeed in taking your own.

How free code bootcamp App Academy Open works to turn aspiring software engineers into working ones

World-class curriculum.

App Academy’s bootcamps have graduated over 5,000 students since it opened its doors a decade ago. App Academy Open, their free code bootcamp, derives its curriculum directly from their campus-based Software Engineering Program. It’s the exact same — you simply complete the free code bootcamp at your own pace rather than on a schedule as our bootcamp students do.

The curriculum is full-stack, in that you’ll learn both front-end and back-end software engineering languages and skills. Languages include Python, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. In total, there are over 500 hours of software engineering curriculum.

Through video-based lessons and problem solving, you’ll be able to set up your own coding environment to work within. App Academy Open will track your progress so you can continue where you left off. You’ll also be able to create a portfolio of your own showcasing your new capabilities (more on that later).

Optional mentorship.

While App Academy Open is entirely self-paced, we offer an optional mentorship opportunity. This $29.99 add-on gives students access to a Slack channel where, Monday-Friday, you have the opportunity to ask any questions about the lessons or the curriculum and meet other students working through App Academy Open as well.

An active former and current student network.

Tens of thousands of App Academy Open students have completed the course and pursued their range of aspirations. 

Whether they want to become software engineers from within tech or from an entirely different industry, pursue entrepreneurial aspirations, start a side hustle, or bolster their resume with additional skills, former and current App Academy Open students find themselves in online forums, threads, and other spaces. Our optional Slack channel also creates a space for these coders to learn from one another and work together. 

Lessons around creating a portfolio and finding a job.

While not everyone that works through App Academy Open has aspirations of finding a job as a software engineer, showcasing your skills through projects in a portfolio is the best way to prove your language proficiency regardless of what your end goal is.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the software engineering field, there are lessons around finding a job and using your portfolio to do so. Plus, we source the best advice and information from our career coaches and hiring managers around the world to give you real, on-the-ground takes you can leverage as a job seeker.

Sign up for App Academy’s free code bootcamp, App Academy Open, now!

Free code bootcamps like App Academy Open can be almost as effective as those folks pay for — so long as it’s a good one. Regardless of what your aspirations are or why you want to learn how to code, sign up for App Academy Open now.

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