Top 5 Affordable or Free JavaScript Courses

JavaScript has long-since been and continues to be one of the most popular programming languages in tech. Proficiency of JavaScript is one of the most sought-after skills in the industry, too, making it one of the highest-paying skills, as well.

JavaScript is one of the most universal languages for any programmer to know, so there are a ton of free (or at least, affordable) options available for learning the language.

5 affordable or free JavaScript courses to learn from

App Academy Open.

Call us biased, but hundreds of thousands of students can’t be wrong. App Academy Open is one of the best open source coding courses available online. In addition to Python, Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, and SQL (among many other languages), our JavScript curriculum is comprehensive for both beginners and more advanced students.

The best part? It’s entirely free. $0. You can sign up today and write your first line of code in just a few moments. If you’re looking for more structure and support, we offer an optional Slack channel that unlocks access to our instructional team and other students going through the program.


Codecademy offers both free and affordable plans for individuals wanting to learn how to code. Their basic package gives you access to their designated free courses, while their Pro and Pro Lite options unlock further access. 

Some courses, like their Introduction to JavaScript, are free and great for building a solid JS foundation. Beyond that, you’ll need additional training to gain proficiency.


FreeCodeCamp is another notorious free, open source coding program that offers courses in a number of languages. Their in-depth, seven-hour course covers a huge range of JavaScript functions and arrays.

This course is fit for both beginners and folks looking to refresh their JavaScript fundamentals.

JavaScript Courses [Udemy].

Udemy’s log of classes is massive — so big, in fact, it can be confusing to navigate and find the right course for you. This Complete JavaScript Course boasts more than 35 hours’ worth of JavaScript projects, videos, and downloadable resources.

The course costs just over $100 for lifetime access, but Udemy regularly hosts sales so you can often purchase classes for less.

Scrimba’s JavaScript courses.

Scrimba’s multi-tiered options give you a choice on how much access you enjoy and when. Their free option is quite limited with only a few courses available, but their Pro-level access opens up courses like these JavaScript options for $18 a month.

Unlock App Academy’s Free JavaScript Courses

For $0 today and every day, App Academy Open offers the most comprehensive free JavaScript courses online. Plus, you’ll develop these skills along with other must-know programming languages to become a full-stack developer or engineer on your own terms.

You can start for free right now — sign up here!

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