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Coding is the hot-button skill people in nearly every industry are learning.

That’s not to say everyone’s looking to become a tech professional (though many are). Coding is a useful skill in many roles, including marketing, business development, healthcare, and UX/UI design.

Nowadays, coding can be learned in many different ways. Whether you want to learn in person at a campus or study from the comfort of your own home, you can make the choice that works best for you.

For many, learning remotely has become the new norm in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to learn, study, or work while traveling anywhere in the world is one outcome from lockdowns and quarantines that we can take advantage of.

Long before the pandemic, though, we created App Academy Open as the premiere free online coding school. It doesn’t matter if you want to entirely pivot your career to one in tech or simply learn skills that will help you improve in your current role; App Academy Open is the platform for everyone who has an interest in learning how to code and apply that code to different programs and projects. It’s world-class education, at your fingertips, entirely free of charge — and you can complete it anywhere.

App Academy Open's Free Online Coding School

Why this free online coding school works

You can do it on your own time.

Our coding bootcamps are perfect for anyone who’s serious about making a career change to software engineering, web or mobile development, or other facets of the tech industry. They are, however, on a strict schedule and students are required to show up to live lecture times.

App Academy Open is great for those looking to learn at their own pace. While some folks need the structure of attending live classes, others prefer to learn on their own time so they can redo sections they aren’t feeling entirely confident in or skip sections they don’t need to learn. Plus, you can learn at whatever time of day suits you best.

You can do it from anywhere.

If remote learning is something you enjoy, App Academy Open is the perfect choice for a free online coding school. You can study from anywhere at any time, and that ability will translate nicely should you choose to find work in the tech industry, as it’s one of the most remote-friendly industries in the world.

The skills are relevant to the tech industry…

Our App Academy Open curriculum is the exact same curriculum that the students of our Campus Software Engineer Program learn. These skills are curated to be the most relevant to the tech industry, and the curriculum is updated frequently to represent what software engineers are using every single day in their tech stacks.

…or any other industry where coding is useful.

For many, App Academy Open or any other free online coding school is useful to bolster some skills for creating a side hustle or earning a promotion. In that case, you can take what you need (skills like SQL, JavaScript, and Python are relevant in use cases other than software engineering) and learn only what’s going to fit your needs.

You can showcase your skills with a portfolio and use it to apply for jobs or promotions.

Beyond simply learning the languages and skills provided by App Academy Open’s curriculum, we also teach you how to apply those skills to creating a portfolio of projects then using that portfolio to find tech jobs or apply for promotions in your current role. Your skills are only as good as what you can create by using them, and this lesson is a crucial one that App Academy Open students learn.

App Academy Open is your free online coding school

However you want to learn, App Academy Open is the perfect fit for you. Plus, with its friendly remote learning environment, you can take your career to the next level from anywhere at any time.

Start your free online coding school and write your first line of code in five minutes now.

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