What is a Coding Bootcamp & How Can It Help Me Get a Job?

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The tech industry is huge — and it’s only growing faster and faster.

There are more opportunities than ever within it, and the talent pool isn’t large enough to keep up with demand. That’s why coding bootcamps were created.

The coding bootcamp education isn’t traditional. It creates a holistic understanding of tech and what you need to succeed, including hard and soft skills, plus the most relevant programming languages used industry-wde.

So how do coding bootcamps work to teach you the skills you need to know to not only land the job, but to be a successful tech employee for years to come?

How do coding bootcamps work to breed success?

They teach you the applicable skills and languages.

Every organization will have a different tech stack that best supports their product or offerings. Coding bootcamp curriculum will focus on a few different languages, but the more important skill comes from the ability to teach yourself new languages as they become relevant to your experience.

Some coding bootcamps focus on front-end programming languages, others on back-end programming languages, and some on full-stack understanding of both ends. If you determine where you want to land your dream job — places like Amazon or Google — and you learn what languages their tech teams use, you can filter the coding bootcamp you attend by aligning on particular languages.

They help you curate a portfolio and resumé.

The skills you learn in coding bootcamp are only good if you’re able to apply them to something — preferably a job!

With your newfound skill set, it’s important to curate a portfolio that showcases your work and a resumé that reflects your experience and how you can be valuable to an organization. The right coding bootcamp will help you tailor both pieces of collateral to exactly what tech organizations want to see.

They have career coaches designated to help you navigate the job search.

Great coding bootcamps work when they curate a support system for their students to best achieve their goals. In most cases, that means finding a career.

At App Academy, our career coaches are designated to each student upon graduation.

This is someone who will walk them through the process of preparing for interviews, applying for jobs, getting those final round interviews, negotiations, and what happens when you get an offer letter,” says career coach Mark Rodriguez. “That includes reading through contracts, making sure that salaries look good, and getting grads ready to start their job as a software engineer!”

“We also have all of our coaches provide hours of workshops, continuing education, computer science fundamentals, interview prep skills, and stress management skills — that’s a huge part of it, too. You know, the job search can be difficult, so we make sure that everyone is taken care of in that way, as well.”

They have vast alumni networks you can leverage.

Learning communities curate a network of past and current students that you can leverage to strike up conversations, connections, and find job opportunities. As any high school or college alumni knows, there is strength in shared common connection and experience. 

A good coding bootcamp fosters that community by creating more space for connection, including webinars, meet-ups, and opportunities to join in bringing new students on board.

How do coding bootcamps work? They foster success

Above all else, how coding bootcamps work is by creating entire environments geared toward breeding success. By providing an awesome curriculum, a staff dedicated to help students reach their goals, and an alumni network that feels supportive and approachable, coding bootcamps work to fill the wage gap in tech with viable, eager talent.

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