Why You Should Learn JavaScript if You Want to Be a Software Engineer

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JavaScript for software engineers is like bedside manner for doctors — you need it to be successful in your role.

Not only is JavaScript one of the most (and according to some publications, the most) popular and important programming languages a software engineer should know, its use cases span far beyond the software engineering role. 

Let’s dig into why that is, but first: What even is JavaScript?

2 major reasons aspiring software engineers should learn JavaScript

JavaScript jobs are in high demand (and high-paying).

Most roles in tech are in high demand, but JavaScript developers or engineers with particular JavaScript acumen are in the highest rank of demand. Career opportunities aplenty await those who are proficient in the language.

According to Glassdoor, average pay for a JavaScript engineer is over $116,000 for all levels in all cities. That number can shift accordingly depending on your experience and location, meaning earning potential could be significantly higher in different parts of the country.

JavaScript engineers and developers also have vibrant communities where folks gather to communicate, share ideas, tutorials, and job referrals. If you’re active in these communities, there’s no doubt you’ll find tons of open roles and money-making opportunities.

💡 Here’s a breakdown of JavaScript programmer salaries by major US city. 

JavaScript is user-friendly, easy to learn, and great for new coders.

Most people, technical or not, know of JavaScript as the thing you have to allow your browser to use. But JavaScript’s uses go beyond the web browser — even beyond the Internet! According to Simplilearn,

“JavaScript has many uses that go beyond its traditional internet roles. It powers smart televisions, works with the internet of things (IoT), creates native apps for iOS and Android, and builds cross-platform desktop apps, to name a few.”

They also note JavaScript’s implications in major markets like cloud and other forms of big data:

“JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the go-to standard for data exchanges on today’s internet. NoSQL databases use JSON documents for record storage; and although JSON plays well with any programming language, it does best with JavaScript. Also, more developers are turning to Node.js to build cloud-based apps, a very much in-demand market.”
Despite a wide variety of use cases, JavaScript is a great language for beginning coders who want to pick up a versatile, valuable skill. Once learned, you can pick up other object-oriented, imperative, functional programming styles including Python.

Where to learn JavaScript for free

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