Anyone Who Loves Video Games Should Consider This Career

The video game and e-sports industry has become absolutely massive, even surpassing metrics in traditional sporting and entertainment.

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With any growing industry, there is a need for more tech-minded professionals to create additional products and new features. Software engineering is one of the most sought after professions in the world, but a small talent pool means every industry is competing for engineers. For the video game industry, there’s ample opportunity for folks with a technical acumen and a passion for gaming.

So why is software engineering such a great job for gamers?

Software engineering and video games

Behind every video game is software that makes the program run. Once the game is functioning, you can overlay audio, music, features, and high-quality graphics to make it exciting and engaging. Game engineers are a type of software engineer that work specifically with video games, e-games, and e-sports, and that includes every component of the game.

With the industry estimated to close in on nearly $300B in just a few years, the market is growing more and more crowded with buzzworthy games — and companies desperately need talent to build them.

Companies that have jobs for gamers in software engineering

Electronic Arts. 

Electronic Arts, or EA, is one of the largest video game companies in the world. They’re on multiple platforms, from video game consoles to computers, and create fan-favorite games like FIFA, Madden, and the Sims.


Rising to fame with their N64 console, Nintendo’s influence on the video game industry is everlasting. Now, with their Switch console, gamers have the luxury of playing their favorite games mobily. The console regularly sells out as new versions are released, and the company plans to put additional humanpower behind creating new features and games.


Sony is one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, so naturally they have a huge stake in the video game industry with their Playstation console. Fans of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy and other best-selling games know how influential PlayStation has been to gamers.


Between famous games like Roblox and Minecraft and their XBOX console, Microsoft has cornered the video game market and continues to create new innovations that require a massive pool of software engineers and game developers.

Activision Blizzard.

One of the largest gaming organizations on the globe, Activision Blizzard has created iconic series of games, ranging from World of Warcraft and Call of Duty to family-friendly Candy Crush. They specialize in especially immersive games, from mobile to desktop to gaming consoles.

What makes software engineering roles great jobs for gamers

More so than any other hobby, there are a number of jobs for gamers because of its technical foundation. That overlap in interests and passion makes for ample career opportunities.

You are your own customer.

Who knows what video game features need adding and bugs need fixing better than the people who actually play the games? Game developers are often gamers themselves, so they know the industry best and can approach solutions from a player’s perspective.

Gamers are often tech- and digital-savvy.

A cornerstone of being a good software engineer is being digitally savvy and solution-oriented. It’s important for game developers and engineers to have strong tech acumen and know a lot about different consoles and technologies available in the gaming industry.

If you’re a big fan of consumer electronics or enjoy working with different tech products, you may love a career in software engineering, specifically game development and game engineering.

You can work for massive entertainment companies.

As noted above, some of the biggest brands in the world have a stake in the video game industry, so there’s a huge wealth of jobs for gamers available at storied organizations. Plus, they have the resources to create new innovations and need a large staff to support those creations.

Video games are just scratching the surface.

Speaking of innovations: With new technologies like AI, AR, and VR creating entirely new experiences for gamers, plus new devices ripe for gaming like smartphones, tablets, and new consoles, the industry has only just begun scratching the surface on what’s possible for gamers. Creating entirely new innovations and immersive experiences is going to be an opportunity for engineers in the coming years as the industry grows steadily.

Software engineering is lucrative and there are many, many jobs for gamers.

The global talent pool for software engineers and other coding professionals is growing, but it still hasn’t caught up with the demand needed not only in the gaming industry, but in other industries, as well. Because of that, even entry-level software engineers net nearly $90,000 annually. The top 10% of software developers earn in the hundreds of thousands, if not the millions.


Video game lovers wanting a lucrative, high-growth career should strongly consider software engineering, game development, and other roles within the industry.

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Written by Courtney Grace

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