6 Best Six Figure Jobs to Switch to in 2023

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Everyone is chasing “elusive” six figure jobs. Tipping the scales over that $100,000 earnings mark is a huge deal for many. Unfortunately, in some roles, that number might be really hard to attain without the added income help from a partner, family member, or side hustle.

In some roles, however, a six figures isn’t just attainable — it’s the norm. Many of them don’t even require a college degree.

So what are the best six-figure jobs worth exploring or potentially worth switching careers for? Here are six that don’t require excessive schooling or additional training.


6 six figure jobs worth switching careers for

Software engineer.

Call us biased, but there has never been a better time to become a software engineer. With the BLS estimating a meteoric 22% rise in job openings by 2030 (the average being 7%) and with more companies and industries turning to software-based solutions, the job outlook and potential is unmatched.

There are also a number of companies and startups within the tech industry that don’t require a college degree to join their engineering team. Rather, they’re interested in your skill set and your programming capabilities. This is why coding bootcamps are so beneficial to helping both those with and without college degrees reskill and train for this fast-growing industry. You’ll leave App Academy (or the bootcamp of your choice) with a portfolio full of work and a toolkit full of programming skills.

Web developer.

Web developers and software engineers are often interchanged, but they’re fairly different roles — which you can read about here. At any rate, where software engineers often build the software to fruition, web developers keep the product afloat through frequent testing and quality assurance. As the name suggests, web developers predominantly work on web applications, so their job may require creating, testing, and optimizing new features for a web application.

All the same, web developers require a similar skillset to that of a software engineer — they need to know front-end as well as back-end programming languages. Both software engineering and web development are huge in tech and worth switching to, depending on which facet of the industry you want to be in.

Product manager.

If you don’t have the technical acumen of programming or coding but you want the perks of working in tech, product management is your answer. Product managers keep a particular product or feature moving forward in the right direction. They’re highly invested in the customer and their needs and report those findings back to engineering and design teams.

While Indeed clocks the average product manager salary at just over $90,000, that number is easily bigger in major US cities and after cash bonuses, stock options, equity, and other monetary perks.

Financial manager.

According to the BLS, “Financial managers create financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop plans for the long-term financial goals of their organization.” They also clock the median pay for 2021 at $131,710 a year.

For anyone that studied finance or economics and is looking to move into a sector of the business that’s more strategic and less on the execution side of finance, financial management is worth considering.

Actuary or statistician.

Good with numbers? Become an actuary or a statistician. The BLS states that it has the same rapid growth that software engineering and web development are seeing at an eye-popping 24% by 2030. Actuaries are more focused on economic costs and risks based on data and stats, whereas statisticians can be helpful in a number of different industries.

The role isn’t particularly engaging or thrilling, but the earning potential alone might make it worth it.


Yes, you read it right — folks that have skills in repairing or installing HVAC or plumbing systems or who are general handy(wo)men for homes, apartments, and commercial buildings have crazy earning potential. Their job security is unmatched because those needs will never go away. In addition to working as a tech for a business, many start their own businesses and contract out to apartment complexes, property managers, or forge other partnerships.


How to switch careers for six-figure jobs

In order to earn six figures, upskilling and reskilling is critical — but your previous experience is equally important to leverage.

Develop the necessary skills.

If you don’t already know how to code or can’t unclog a bathroom sink, first thing’s first — develop new skills. There are countless trade opportunities, free online training, or bootcamps (all depending on what you want to do) that will teach you the skills you need to know. Oftentimes, returning to or starting college, a master’s degree, or some other version of traditional schooling won’t be required.

Learn more about App Academy’s bootcamp programs here.

Bolster your resume.

Applying for your new role or industry is really intimidating, but the best thing you can do is arm yourself with the best possible resume. Your previous experience is still relevant, but learning how to talk about it and present it in the context of your new role is key. You can read all about how to create a career-change resume here.

Poll your network.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know — and this couldn’t be more relevant to those wanting to change careers and earn more money. Leverage your network to find new roles or simply to poll someone about their experience if they’re in a role related to the career you hope to change into. Knowledge is power, and your network can deliver that knowledge. You just have to seek it out.


Software engineering is the six-figure job you can switch to today

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