What are the Steps for Getting Into App Academy’s Bootcamp Prep?

Just follow these steps.

App Academy’s Bootcamp Prep program prepares any person with any level of coding experience — even without any at all! — to get into the top bootcamps.

The course teaches the basics, such as variables and arrays, and has an emphasis on Javascript. There are two versions of the course, Live ($2999) and Online, and both include practice technical interviews and application assistance. Taking any version of either of these, you’ll be ready for all the various bootcamp applications. 

For the Online course, there are three tiers: the Premium Plan ($3795), the Plus Plan ($1795), and the Standard Plan ($995). If you are a complete beginner and want the most number of tutoring and mock interview prep hours, than you should opt for the Premium Plan. The Plus and Standard Plans have less tutoring and mock interview hours, but cover the same curriculum.

The process of applying to Bootcamp Prep is simple:

  1. Fill out an application form, asking for basic information.
    • For the Live course, this information includes where you’re currently living and if you’re a US citizen or permanent resident. App Academy needs to know that you can stay in the USA while you take the class. Unfortunately, the bootcamp can’t sponsor a visa but if you have one through work, your application will be processed.
    • Please use the links provided to apply to the Online tier of your choice: Premium Plan, Plus Plan, and Standard Plan .
  2.  Receive an application decision
    • Processing the application takes between 24 and 48 hours. If you don’t hear back from us in two days, please contact us through this email: [email protected]
  3. Fill out paperwork
    • This paperwork includes App Academy’s refund policy, course overview, and describes the rules of the course. It also covers the Bootcamp Search Guarantee, which requires BP graduates to apply to any of the top six bootcamps in the country, and the general agreement, which is the bootcamp’s terms of service.  
  4. Pay tuition
    • In the email you receive upon acceptance, there is a link provided that directs the applicant to a Stripe payment page. If you don’t know what Stripe is, read about it here.
    • After you are accepted, you have seven days to pay your tuition.
  5. Start the course!
    • After your payment is processed, students get immediate access to the full prep curriculum.
    • If you’re attending the Live course, it is important you can bring your laptop to class every night. For the Online course, you only need access to a computer to study the material.

App Academy’s Bootcamp Prep was designed to be open to anyone, no matter their knowledge of coding. Taking the App Academy Bootcamp Prep course increases your acceptance chance into App Academy’s Fulltime course from 3% to 50%. So its time for you to think about applying!

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