The 22 UC Berkeley Students Who Graduated from App Academy In 2018


Coding bootcamp graduates come from everywhere. Some attend immediately after college while others spend years at different professions before making the switch to coding. The educational background levels also don’t need to be the same. App Academy, for example, has accepted thousands of people from junior colleges and from major international programs, like Oxford University. But it has also accepted people who didn’t even go to college. This is why it’s important to know the best short-term professional coding bootcamps can compete, in a result-oriented educational marketplace, for the skills of the most highly sought-after students.

From its inception, top students have loved the rigor and the results provided by App Academy. And perhaps no group has enjoyed more success at App Academy than graduates from the world’s top  educational public institution: The University of California at Berkeley. More than 100 Cal alums have graduated from the bootcamp and all got jobs as developers.

In the following gallery, you’ll see the latest Berkeley grads that have walked through our halls to gain or improve their coding skills. Maybe they’ll inspire you to do the same. (If so, APPLY RIGHT HERE!).

Check them out!

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